Using Netflix For Dating And Birth Control

I don't want kids.

It's not that I hate them. I often work with them. I just don't want to have any of my own.

On a date, that goes over pretty awesome. You would think I just admitted to having a collection of human heads preserved in my freezer.

Which I don't.

There'd be no room for the vodka.

The “Kid Talk” can suck all of the air out of the room and send the evening careening into a black hole.

I usually tell women on the second date, unless the first date isn't going well, or I'm in a hurry to get home and watch Netflix.

Good stuff on Netflix. I'm a big fan of House of Cards.

And Kevin Spacey's character on that show doesn't want kids.

This got me to thinking… I grew up watching a lot of TV.

As a matter of fact, I think TV was one of my favorite things about childhood and very few of my favorite characters had kids.

Do you think Thundarr The Barbarian had time for kids living in that post apocalyptic world? I don't think so. And I can't remember Princess Ariel ever giving him crap about it.

No crap given

I wonder if they ever talked about it and then decided against it. It would've never worked with their lifestyle, even with the help of their companion Ookla the Mok.

Not available for child care

In any case, I saw an old friend a while ago and he brought up the subject of kids. He said he and his wife were planning to start working on having one.

I asked him if he felt ready to be a dad.

“My wife says I'm ready,” he replied.

“Yeah,” I said. “But you know you have a choice, right?”

He fidgeted with his cocktail and changed the subject. I didn't press him for any more information. I'm not sure if he had ever thought about kids in terms of having a choice or not.

And choice is the point. We may not have much in this life, but we usually have some sort of choice.

I'm not telling people not to have kids, or to have kids, or what methods of family planning to practice.

I honestly don't care what other people do. That's part of my charm.

But, I think part of being an evolved human is realizing we do have choices.

And part of living consciously is examining choices and making the best possible decision, even if no one else understands them.

We don't have to do the things that other people have done before us. Life isn't one size fits all. Sometimes we have to make alterations as we go.

And sometimes we double down on Netflix.

I'm here for you