Why Spam Might Be The Key To Happiness

I think most of us have become so conditioned to spam email that we just simply delete it and move on with our day, accepting it like those little gnats that fly up our noses in the summertime.

Like, if you’re going to be outside, gnats are going to fly up your nose sometimes. If you’re going to be online, there’s going to be pop-ups and spam in your email.

What do those gnats want anyway? What is up my nose that is so damn enticing?

I’ve examined my cavernous nose closely, and I just don’t get it.

In any case, spam texts are getting to be a thing. And I have to admit that I find them even more annoying and intrusive than spam email.

So, I’ve decided to have fun with them, to experience them with a sense of joy, instead of wishing I could find the person sending them and burn their house to the ground while all of their neighbors watch and I yell, “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?!”

Because I’d probably get in trouble.

And who has time for all that?

But yeah, so the key is to handling spam texts is the key to so many things in life.

And that’s to reframe the experience.

Instead of getting pissed off, let’s have some fun!