How To Really Vote With Your Dollars


When I hear children scream, I stand a little closer to the microwave hoping that it will in fact sterilize me.

I don’t remember little kids being so screechy and loud when I was one. I guess that’s because I’m getting older and the past often looks better in the rear view mirror.

I do think that movies used to be better. It’s hard to find good entertainment these days since Hollywood decided remakes were better than new and original ideas.

There was no need to remake Red Dawn. It’s a great film and I feel like the original version still stands the test of time. Patrick Friggin’ Swayze is in the original. He was one of the few actors who could kick your ass and then dance with your girlfriend. I don’t see how it gets any better than that.

Kicked ass and danced with girlfriends


I watched like ten minutes of Access Hollywood the other night. It made me dumber.

Is Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo considered good TV now? It’s returning in July.

We used to have The A-Team. We used to have Mr. T.

Now we have Honey Boo-Boo?

On The Learning Channel?

What exactly are we learning?

And remember when McDonald’s actually served real food? I do. When I was a kid, going there with my parents was an event. It was special, exciting. Now I’d never eat there for fear that my colon would liberate itself from my body in protest.

It would buy a yellow Prius with black racing stripes, and ride off into the sunset with a cute vegan woman who’s wearing a “Monsanto Sux” t-shirt. Yeah!

Remember, we all vote with our dollars. If we continue to spend money on sub par movies, support crappy food in restaurants, and abide awful pay TV, it will never end.

There will be more Honey Boo-Boos teaching more children to be whiny and screechy and to eat nutrient deficient food.

Patrick Swayze would be disappointed.

So will Mr. T, fool.