I Don’t Hate Republicans, But I Hate That Word

So, Chachi endorsed Donald Trump.

Yeah, whatever.

But he said something that struck a chord with me.

He claimed that some of his liberal Hollywood friends are more conservative than they think but they just hate the word “Republican.”

I agree. I’ve hated that word since the Dark Times, since the presidency of “W.”

To me, a registered independent, and many others, it’s a word synonymous with hate, bigotry, a disregard for the poor and suffering, and tax breaks for profitable, billion dollar corporations.

It’s a word that means women are too dumb to decide what to do with their own bodies, young people need to be sheltered from evidenced-based sex education, and there are limits on who intelligent, consenting, tax paying adults are allowed to marry.

It’s a word that says the bible is all we need. That it can in fact replace the constitution and the modern sciences.

It’s a word synonymous with, “No we won’t do anything Obama wants to do. Period. We won’t even listen. And we don’t care if anyone notices that we aren’t listening.”

Now, before people get all angry and send me hateful messages, take a breath and continue reading.

I’m talking about BRANDING here.


Have their been some great republican presidents?

Hell yeah!

Have they done some amazing things?

Hell yeah!

Do current day republicans have some valid concerns and good ideas for moving this country forward.

Maybe? I don’t know.

Because those people and ideas never get through.


Because the brand has weakened.

The marketing sucks.

Sure, some people eat at McDonalds. But to a lot of us, McDonald’s represents garbage food with almost no nutritional value.

Because the brand has weakened, even though they have salads.

Chipotle also has salads. I like Chipotle. And their food is healthier. Or so I believe.

Because that’s their brand.

So at this point in our country’s history, with the Republican Party in such disarray, it seems they have a lot of work to do to change many people’s opinion of them. But it’s also an opportunity. I hope they take it.

And you can say that I am completely wrong in my opinion and impression of republicans.

But that would help me make my case.

Because this is how a lot of people see the GOP, no matter the reality.

One cannot argue with how someone sees them. They can only try to present themselves in a way that changes opinion. Actions are louder than words.


And I don’t hate republicans. Let me go ahead, with my one finger typing method, and type that again in all caps.


There are some that I love dearly. One I have a huge crush on. And several that have created jobs for me that I’m very grateful for.

But I hate that word.